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I have never read a book like this before. There were times when I thought I would cry. I could almost feel the pain that she was enduring at times. I applaud Miss cotton for having the courage to put her story out there for all the world to read; for having the strength to relive all the pain that she had already endured once before. It took enormous courage to write this book. My hat off to you Miss Cotton because personally I would not have been able to do what you did in writing this book. God will continue to bless you and keep you.

This book was so good I could'nt put it down read it under 2 hours. Its a great read, funny veiw of life and the many different paths she took. I had to read it outloud with my teens and my husband from laughing so hard and loud!
Hilarious, entertaining, shocking are a few words to describe it. Worth every penny! Ms Cotton keep pushing hunny and I'm waiting on part 2!

Amazing!! You really went through alot but look at you now. But God!! Thank you for sharing!! With God All Things are Possible. Continuous Blessings Miss. Cotton!!!!

This book was great! Very transparent and detailed. To see all the hardships that were endured it just tells us that God is indeed a healer!

Very good read. Very honest and transparent with your testimony which is needed.

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