The name "Miss Cotton" is actually an acronym for:
Cotton also represents perserverance in the face of adversity. It is the fabric of your life. Laughter through pain is the fabric of your life.
 Upon meeting Miss Cotton, you can't help but smile when her colorful outfits, quick wit and contagious grin greets you.
Miss Cotton has a passion for making people laugh. She was first inspired to do comedy because she wanted to make people laugh in the midst of negative circumstances. It made her heart swell to see people laughing so hard that tears fell down their face.
Miss Cotton currently does clean comedy but her sets didn’t always revolve around family friendly jokes. Back in the day she use to have jokes that were uncut and more R rated. Miss Cotton went through a hard battle with Lupus and after becoming completely healed from it, decided to use her God given gifts to make others smile. She began doing clean comedy a.k.a. Christian Comedy after she gave her life to Christ. Her jokes are definitely off the hook and definitely original.
Her goal is to give people an outlet to laugh at themselves but at the same time to not offend them. Miss Cotton’s jokes have a large range varying from “how thugs pray to God - to how pastors will use even a analogy about a cookie to create a sermon.” When asked why she decided to do Clean Comedy, she told us “I wanted to be able to give God front row seats to all of my shows. I realized that I did not want to be a court jester for the devil.”
She mentioned that if you can laugh at your circumstances then it can give you the power to overcome them. With so many crazy things going on in the world she enjoys giving people an outlet to enjoy their self and be stress free. Even if they are stress free just for a moment... to her she not only served her purpose but she ministers to them in her own special way.  Her story is truly inspiring and we hope that it blesses others.
(written by Terica Lee)


interview with miss cotton

What advice can you give to up and coming comedians?
To up and coming comedians, I would suggest that they learn their audience before they even go on the stage. Avoid jokes that would make someone feel bad or demean them in anyway. There is no need to curse to be funny. Stay true to yourself and create your own brand.
Do you look as your gift as a way to minister to others?
I most definitely use my gift as a way to minister. I always find a way to insert my testimony into my comedy act and to also share the news about Jesus Christ, and show other Christians that being saved can be rewarding and fun.
If you could change one thing about the way the church ministers what would it be and why?
If I could change one thing about the way the church ministers, it would be the way new Christians are received. There are a lot of people in pulpits with no discernment of the Holy Spirit. Instead of letting the voice of God lead them, they go off of the appearance of the people that they are preaching to without truly feeling their heart. There are a lot of hurting people in the church but they are overlooked because the focus is usually on the ones who already seem to have it together.
Do you see Christian based Comedy taking being a new trend in the years to come?
I wouldn't necessarily call Christian based comedy a trend but I do feel like people will start gravitating toward cleaning their comedy acts up to be more marketable.
Do you believe that having a great personality is the key to being a great comedian?
Anyone can be a good comedian, even with a bad attitude. To be a great comedian, the personality has to match. The spirit of excellence through integrity has to be present.